Sacred Texts

The Wheel of Life

The wheel keeps turning.
Circle after circle
from its source to the endpoint.
But in the center,
in the hub,
everything is still.
The wheel of life
turns in circles
around this deep silence.

Sabrina Gundert

A Workshop Called Life

I booked a workshop,
a workshop that covers everything –
all my fears and worries,
my hopes and joys,
my ruminations,
my heights and depths.

It is a workshop filled with practical exercises.
Exercises which fit exactly into the patters and things
I wanted to work on.
Every day.

A workshop called Life.

Sabrina Gundert

Between Heaven and Earth

into the greater cosmos.
to heaven and earth,
I feel myself
in my body.
Strongly grounded and
widely connected,
I know what I can give
out of deep silence
and joy.

Sabrina Gundert

You Are on The Right Path

When fear surfaces on your path,
it’s a natural part of your path.
When fear surfaces on your path,
you are in the right place.

Fear is a sign
that you have taken the right path,
not that you are wrong.
It is always showing you the steps
outside your comfort zone.

Fear facilitates growth,
reminds you of the one
who lives inside you,
who is only waiting to become visible
to experience yourself in complete aliveness.

Sabrina Gundert

May Your Path Be Gentle

May your path be gentle.
May you experience the strengthening wind at your back,
the grounding earth when life falls apart.
May confidence, courage, and assurance be in your heart.
May you can continue to move forward
with the way things are.

Sabrina Gundert

You Have Come into This World to Find the Sacred

And then one morning when you look
at the world and you see
the dire needs,
and you feel the desire to roll up your sleeves,
tie your shoes, and
walk right into the thick of life,
remember your strength.

Remember the sword that
you carry in your hand and the words on your tongue
and you can say clearly “yes” and “no” and
decide what serves life.

Remember your heart
that bursts with love and pain
and invites you to stand with empathy
in the center of the world.

Remember your legs and feet
that allow you to walk to a place
where you can thrive, bloom, and prosper.

Remember your arms and hands
that tackle what needs to
be healed in this world.

Sabrina Gundert

The Guardian of My Inner Sanctuary

I am the healer
of my wounds,
the guardian of my inner sanctuary,
the one responsible for
my actions and non-actions.
I want to seize a sound
feeling a song rise.
I follow my movements,
sensing a dance,
saying the word that
will change something.
I reclaim my strong healing powers.

Sabrina Gundert

What Would It Be Like If You Were the Medicine?

What would it be like if you were the medicine,
that you are looking for?
What if everything that you carry inside you,
even the deepest wound,
could be transformed into a healing medicine
for you and all of us?

What if your healing medicine were incredibly valuable,
yes, if everything in the universe, and especially you and I
were only waiting for the moment when you finally find your purpose?

What if you could dare to trust?
If you could only try and then see and wait
where you land?
What if your heart could be your guide,
if you already knew the path,
even if you could not imagine it yet?

Trust in yourself.
Believe in yourself.

I trust in you,
I believe in you
and know that you already carry
the most precious medicine inside of you
for yourself and all of us.

Sabrina Gundert

These sacred texts can be shared with others when healing is needed and by citing my name. Please keep them in their original form. If you want to print these texts in the media or commercially, please contact me directly. Many thanks!   

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