Sometimes We Are Standing in Between

Sometimes We Are Standing in Between

Our old life is in the past, and the new life has not yet emerged. Maybe we had an illness, lost our job, or suffered a separation or a death. Something has turned our routine life upside down.

Maybe there is just a longing, an irritation, or a vague feeling that we cannot continue on our usual path. Something is missing. Our life no longer fits our needs. We are searching for a more meaningful life.

When the old ways no longer work and the new has not yet appeared,
I listen to my inner voice for the path that is beckoning to emerge.

I would love to accompany you during your time of transition. I will meet you on the threshold and move forward with you toward a new and different path.

I offer individual sessions, or longer-term support in times of crisis. I also would enjoy sending you encouragement with a soul message for you on your path.

From my heart,
Sabrina Gundert