Book: Orchestra of Love – How We Develop Trust in Our Lives

Softcover, 144 pages
ISBN 978-3-99025-428-8
Freya Verlag, 2020
Reading Sample (in German)

Is it hard for you to trust life? Are you doubting the paths that life has prepared for you? It can be very exhausting. For a long time, I felt like this. Yes, it is possible to develop trust in life, to be in the flow of life, relaxed and easy.

The stories in my book illustrate how to build trust in life. They show you how this is possible, and what I have learned on my path. You will learn how you can develop your trust in life and how it can surprise you.

Testimonial of a Reader:

Wow – this book is pure magic. I started reading it in a life crisis. You, Sabrina, suggested in the introduction to use it like an oracle. Ask a question, and then open to a page, read a short story, and… I followed your advice. What can I say, I received such a detailed response to my question that I began to cry out of happiness. Every night, I now open this book to a random page, and I am always receiving the right answer or thought-provoking passage in response to my question – what magic. The short stories are simply wonderful, and I especially like the poems. There is so much wisdom in Sabrina’s words. I highly recommend it.

Dear Reader:
I am Sabrina Gundert, author of Orchestra of Love, and I’m very happy to support you on your path with my book. You should know that I also struggled for a long time to find trust in life. It was life itself that challenged me, again and again, to begin anew and go with the flow. Life taught me to trust. This is what I write about in my book. May it also accompany you on your  own path, help you to develop trust in life, and enable you to follow your path filled with joy and excitement.
Heartfelt greetings, Sabrina.

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Wishing you much joy when reading it!